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Here at WebPro, comprehensive & condensed "BRAND WORLDS" are the focus. Active sales growth is directly related to a thriving online presence: your BRAND WORLD. Learn more Today. We also have a promotional partnership w/ BUFFALO HEALTHY LIVING MAGAZINE, eager to advertise WebPro.Center clients to the world.

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Tap these BLUE SCREENS for SUPER SCROLL Website & Marketing Service Details. We can have up an attractive first version of your project/website within a week, with photo, branding, corresponding Facebook & Instagram campaigns, all with monthly rolling, original, custom, branded content, pointing to your site.

Sterling AVE - Gastro Pub, @ Hertel

THE hottest place to eat & drink on Hertel, sassy atmosphere, open air patio, insanely good food, mixed with endless craft beers. Tap Icon for their always-updating Website:



Free yoga RETREATS; multi-aspect events @ Buffalo settings like the Albright Knox Art Museum, Delaware Park & partner local businesses. Tap Icon for website:



Free yoga RETREATS; multi-aspect events @ Buffalo settings like the Albright Knox Art Museum, Delaware Park & partner local businesses. Tap Icon for website:



Unique, multi-solution healing products providing a lasting protective shield, combined with gorgeous scents. Branding, web, photo, social media and product development. Tap this icon for SpaLife.Co:


Central Park Complex

Large church complex in Buffalo's beautiful Parkside Neighborhood; a group of branded & inter-linked ministry/outreach entities & websites.Tap this icon for Central Park Complex Website:



A branded platform for marketing & donations/payments portal, for Central Park's many programs & revenue stream: weddings, rentals and donations. Tap this icon for InvesTEAM.US.



No-cost "Shop," serving 1,100+ low-income & refugee families in Buffalo. Ran by Central Park, this entity also serves as Gods gift to donors, volunteers and the Complex as a whole. Fundraising through InvesTEAM.US and co-marketed & branded. Tap this icon for ClarasCloset.Info:



A distribution ministry gathering new underpants & socks for low-income and refugee women in Buffalo. Co-marketed & branded with Central Park. Tap this icon for UnderCover.Life:

Tap here to visit the new Online Lifestyle Magazine HOT HERTEL.COM


Designer Lauren Culligan

At WebPro, we handle all aspects of business through multi-marketing & project management. We are the machine that serves, so you can sit back and enjoy the creative focus of your own products & sales- the dream of all business owners.

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WebPro CAN work in pre-existing templates, but prefer & enjoy to create custom computer code "from-scratch," specifically for each client, allowing endless expansion & renovation for the life of the project.

Templated web & marketing services offered by LocalEdge @ $300-800/month.

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